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Richard Markham
Richard Markham has been airbrushing for 20 years. Completely self-taught, Richard started off with pencil sketching, cartooning, and eventually worked up to portraits and paintings. At 19 years old, Richard discovered the airbrush and has never turned back. His ability to produce high quality, detailed work in limited time has evolved into a desire to teach others. Richard has created his own system and techniques to teach airbrushing to those who proclaim they "canít even draw a stick figure".

Throughout his career, Richard Markham has always explored his options as an airbrush artist. Some of his accomplishments include subcontracting for Six Flags New England, owning and operating his own chain of mall airbrush stores, featured articles in numerous magazines, and winning dozens of awards at car & truck shows. In recent years, Richard has been gaining recognition for his live airbrush demonstrations that he performs at car shows and high schools across the United States.

Formerly representing Baran Institute of Technology, Richard brings his talent and creative vision to team up with OTC and to launch his greatest project yet, a live airbrush tour titled "The Evolution of Life" with an 80 ft. tractor trailer for a canvas. The truck will also feature the first airbrush mobile classroom that will make scheduled visits to high schools and car shows. In addition, the truck will be used to transport some of Richardís hottest projects to date, including the 2000 Toyota Celica Ice Car, and two custom hotrods; a 1934 Ford Hemi 1000 (aka "The Devilís Ride") and a tribute car to the 1977 "Pumping Iron" movie; a 1932 Ford Deuce that was unveiled in March 2009 by Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Classics in Columbus, Ohio. Some of Richardís former students will also be joining him on the tour to contribute to the live airbrushing of the truck.